Happy Teacher Appreciation Week Giveaway

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week. This Tuesday was National Teacher Day. From the looks of Facebook and Instagram, some of you have been spoiled rotten, and I'm so glad.  Teachers work hard, and in my opinion...
don't get appreciated often enough.  From diet cokes to car washes, luncheons to back massages, TpT sales to team lunch off campus, teachers got the royal treatment this week.  You totally deserve it!

To end Teacher Appreciation Week with a bang, and my way of saying, I appreciate you, I'm giving away 10 Hello Literacy t-shirts. Here's how to enter. Go to Instagram, either on the app or from the web HERE, and find me at @hellojenjones. Then "like" the post AND tag a teacher that you appreciate. At the end of the day, I will choose 5 posts and you and the teacher you tagged will get a tshirt.

I also created a short video about my favorite teacher.  I had a lot of memorable and inspiring teachers, but one teacher was really special, Mrs. Brock, my 3rd grade teacher.

My Favorite Teacher from Jen Jones, Hello Literacy® on Vimeo.

I hope you had a few inspiring teachers as well. If you did, I encourage you to tell us, either on Periscope or Facebook Live, who that favorite teacher was/is and why.

And always know, you are appreciated!


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