End of the Year Memory Books

The end of the year can be a bittersweet, crazy, reminiscent time of year. Your students have learned so much, you have developed special relationships with each and every one of your...
students and their parents, or you've really tried.  But let's be honest, as much as we try to maintain "normal days" like the rest of the school year,  the last weeks of school are anything but normal.  There are special days, assemblies, fundraisers, Z-A countdowns (but you already know how I feel about countdowns, so don't get me started! Let's just say NO COUNTDOWNS as this sends the message to students that when school ends, learning ends, and this simply is not a good message to send to kids!) field days, field trips, celebrations, testing, fire drills, and much more!

3 Options for the Cover - Full Color, Partial Color or B/W
However, no doubt you have figured out a way for students to capture the memories of the school year in the form of a book or special memento to take home, complete with classmate autographs. 

Every year, my students would create a scrapbook or memory book with special pages. These can be completed whole group or individually in between all the craziness.  And, most of the pages included in my scrapbook can be completed digitally in apps like PicCollage and Doodle Buddy.  

Here is an example of a student coloring the B/W cover in the app Doodle Buddy.
(This e-cover coloring page made in Doodle Buddy)

And if you want to splurge on the covers and print them in color, here is what you'll have. OR, they actually do not need to be printed at all if you use apps like SeeSaw where each student has their own digital portfolio in SeeSaw.

If you do decide to print, laminate and send the books home, that is always a hit with parents who enjoy school year keepsakes. And this might seem like a small detail, but if you do print, laminate and bind these books together, I use a Staples OneTouch stapler for the job, it's the best stapler I've ever found.

Then I use Scotch 3-M masking tape to bind the around the staples so nobody gets cut or jabbed with the staples on the bottom side of the book. 

Also, many of the pages can be used without printing by importing them into apps like Doodle Buddy and Pic College.  Like the Camera Roll page is perfect when you set the scrapbook page as Set as Background, then students can add actual photos from the iPads Camera Roll to create pages that look like this:

(This e-page made in PicCollage)

Or this:

(This e-page made in Pic Collage)

Whether you and your students have created End of the Year Memory Book before, maybe you are looking for some fresh new, current pages, or whether you are newer to the profession teacher, this End of the Year Memory Book is sure to be a hit.

This scrapbook is designed for grades 2-6.
This scrapbook can also be created starting from the beginning of the year, and kept all throughout the year instead of completed all at once at the end of the year.  Of course, you and your students can decide to use all of the pages, or pick and choose and just use some of the pages.  It has already received lots of positive feedback from upper grade teachers, so be sure to check out that what other teachers have already had to say. 

Have a spectacular end of the year!


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