10 Strategies for Making Summer Reading a Reality for Your Students

No doubt summer reading is one of the most important activities kids can do in the summer for their own academic achievement. However, for many students, especially students in low-income family households, summer reading rarely occurs for one very strong reason.....
...and this reason is LACK OF BOOKS in the home.  So, if students had more access to books in the summer, they would read more? YES!

The number of books in the home is one of key factors in the difference between high-performing schools and low-performing schools, not other factors that you might think like...great teachers, or the intervention program, or the phonics curriculum, or the kind of comprehension strategy instruction provided, nope! Out of 42 factors, the #1 factor is the number of books in the home, and the #2 factor is the number parents involved AT school, yep, Parent Involvement in the school.  So with that said, why aren't we putting more eggs in the "books in the home" and "parent involvement" baskets when it comes to increasing long-term reading achievement??? IDK. We should.  

Simply, students from low-income families don't not read over the summer because they don't not want to read, they just don't have anything TO read.  So, what can we do to get these kids more books in the home over summer, and throughout the year, to help build a "scholarly culture of reading" in EVERY household....not just the affluent and academic households.   It begins with figuring out ways to help kids and parents access books. Period.  

In my Periscope this morning I shared 10 strategies for making summer reading stick for kids over the summer. You can watch it below. Also the handouts I discuss in video are linked below as well.  

Periscope PD: 10 Secrets to Making Summer Reading Stick for Kids from Jen Jones, Hello Literacy® on Vimeo.

 10 Strategies for Making Summer Reading Happen for Kids

 Preventing the Summer Reading Slide

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Also, if you are interested, I wrote a blog post about Summer Reading last year.


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