Hello Fonts for Personal and Commercial Use

I create fonts for personal and commercial use. If you just want to use them for classroom newsletters and signs, etc. and you aren't...

Click the image to download them all.

... selling anything you make using Hello fonts, then you are free to use all 200+ fonts for free. Click on the image above to get them in ONE HAPPY DOWNLOAD. If you want to use them in TpT products or Etsy products (digital or hard goods), please purchase a license in my TpT store.

Download fonts at the links below....

(like in your classroom only, at home, for your Girl Scout troop, for a friend's baby shower, for the PTA letterhead, for your blog*, for your family Christmas letter, for your child's science fair project, stuff like that...)

In exchange for 225 fonts for free personal use, please take just a second to leave me some positive feedback on TpT right after you download it.

(like in your TpT products - free or priced, for your blog**, for your Etsy store, for your paper products, for your card company, for teacher SWAG you sell like t-shirts, lanyards, caps, bags, pencils, pens, mouse pads, presenter door prizes, for your business cards, etc.) 

If you are a greeting card company, advertising agency, marketing firm, book publisher or design company, and you would like to use Hello fonts on greeting cards, company brochures, freeway billboards, chip bags, book covers, book text, coffee cups, etc. please purchase one commercial license per designer. 

If you have any doubt or wondering about whether or not you think you need to purchase a commercial license (because it's not listed about, and there are many interpretations of "commercial" just gmail me at helloliteracy. 

*if you would like to use Hello fonts in your blog header or anywhere in your blog elements, you can use them IF you put a blog button on the right sidebar of your blog.  Use this credit image button below. 

Permission to right-click save on the credit image below.

**if you would like to use Hello fonts in your blog header or anywhere in your blog elements, and you don't want to give credit via credit image button in your blog's right sidebar, then please purchase a Commercial Use License.   



Deedee Wills said...

You! Are! The! Best! THE END!

Positively Learning said...

YAY! Love your fonts and these look fabulous! Thanks, Jen

Leanna said...

Your new fonts are adorable! So easy for the kids to read, even in primary :) Thank you.

<a href="http://lilismilee.blogspot.com>A Little of LiLi</a>

Kathy O. said...

I would just like to express my love for Hello Fonts and for Hello Literacy!! You are a true gem, Jen Jones!
Kathy O (Third Grade Doodles)

Chanel said...

Thanks so much for these fonts! :D

Jeanna Bryson said...

I LOVE These FONTS. I am the Technology Person at my school and often make posters just for my teachers/school (our rules, steps for something we use, event posters, etc) (we do not sell them). These fonts will make the posters "POP"... Let me know if this is not acceptable... I read the user info - but may have misread.

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