Monitor Classroom Noise Level with Virtual Bouncy Things

I'm a firm believer in classroom noise! The good, productive, on-topic student voices that occur when learning is abuzz in my classroom.  But even, students forget to self-monitor their own noise level no matter how productive and on-task it is.   

I wrote a  blog post about this a few years ago and it practically went viral.  The original website from *that* post however, has been disabled and there is a new one...this one.

That .ORG not .COM

It's clever, attractive and sure to engage your students in self-regulating their volume.  Because the application utilizes the microphone on your laptop (you must click "allow to use microphone" when prompted), students must work together to collectively bring the noise level down "so the balls or eyeballs can rest."  

Like anything new, you will need to allow students time to get this new thing out of their system, but once that is over, and the novelty wears off, the balls (or eyes) on the screen will be a reminder to be cognizant of their voice level in the classroom.  This does not need to be used forever, it is a scaffold. Once your students get self-regulated with monitoring their voice levels, you can pull this scaffold away. 

You have the choice of bouncy balls, bouncy emoticons, bouncy bubbles or bouncy eyeballs. My personal favorite are the eyeballs...and just in time for Halloween! 



Teaching Eternity said...

This is a super cute site - the old page was blocked on our servers. Maybe this one will work! I am also a fan of noise (when appropriate!)
Thanks for sharing

Elementary AMC said...

Thanks for sharing this! We will be using this on Monday and probably all week in the lead up to Halloween!

Unknown said...

LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing! I can't wait to introduce this next week.

Room 214-Ms. Wenzel's Blog said...

A visual display to help with self-regulation! THANK YOU for sharing and posting!

Kidpeople Classroom said...

OMGosh this will be great fun... after the initial novelty of MAKING noise wears off :) I couldn't get it to respond to noise at first. I dinked around with my microphone, but that wasn't it. Then I cruised the internet to find out I needed the latest version of Flash Player, which unbeknownst to me, I didn't have. Hope this helps others. THANKS for the post. Love it. Kathleen
Kidpeople Classroom

Unknown said...

Ooh I have a lovely but noisy class and this looks super! I shall try this when school restarts on Tuesday, thanks!

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