Reading Conference Recap

I apologize for the pause in getting my series posts out. I was at the North Carolina Reading Conference last week, and I had some time-sensitive products that needed to be posted before the first of April.  First, let me say, I had a ball presenting both of my sessions at the state reading conference.  In fact, my last post was right before I presented on Sunday.  That was fun, I always enjoy reliving 50 Shades of the Common Core for teachers, there are so many fresh and easy ways to implement critical thinking in your classroom and that is what my presentation is all about.  

I also presented a Text Complexity session on Monday, which was also very exciting, my room was packed, so it made it slightly nerve wracking when I opened the session with this non-example video of what Close Reading is NOT...and the buffering spiral wouldn't quit.  

Close reading is not repeating the same thing over and over.
Close reading is not talking louder.
Close reading is not moving closer.
Closer reading is not telling the answer.

However, you know how videos "buffer" and it stops and you get the never-ending spiral?? Yeah, well, that happened. But I was calm, and the longest 20 seconds later, the started and everything was fine, thank goodness.  The wireless mic was broken so I had to stand at the podium [I hate that] but folks wanted me to use it, I guess they wanted to hear.  And a shout-out to those of you that tweeted about my session, that was awesome! Here's a Twitter snapshot:

Also, if you're intested in seeing my slides for this presentation, you can view and/or download them here:

Standard 10: The Thinking Standard - Stretching All Readers with Complex Text from Jennifer Jones

Now, that actually wasn't the highlight of the conference. It was @iChrisLehman. WHAT.A.DOLL! Which sounds way cheesy, but honestly, there is something soft and authentic that comes out of the folks from TCRWP. He's real and smart and knows his stuff.  Yes, he knows the Common Core, what's in them and what's not, but he also knows teaching reading and teaching writing, but most importantly is studies kids closely! He knows kids!  That's awesome.  I did not take paper/pencil notes this year, I'm converting to a more transparent form of note-taking--tweeting.  I really think these tweets during Chris Lehman's sessions are huge little literacy Twitter using hashtag #ira14.  



Terri Thornton said...

Oh my! That video is hilarious! Are you coming to GA any time soon? I would love to come see you :)

Deanna Jump said...

Love that math snippits video. I use it in my common core session. So funny!

Growing Firsties said...

You SOOOO know I'd come sit on the floor of a packed house to watch ANY of your sessions!!

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