Hello North Carolina State Reading Conference!

I'm excited to present today and tomorrow at our state reading conference! It's at the downtown Raleigh Convention Center.  Whether you're attending my 50 Shades of the Common Core presentation today or just following along in spirit...you can follow along with my slides below. I will add a link to my handouts after the session.   I will create another post for my Text Complexity session slides and handouts tomorrow.



Carla @ Comprehension Connection said...

Just curious if you're headed to the VSRA conference later in the week too? I would love to hear your presentation! I'm sure it will be jam-packed with lots of research based ideas and activities.

Ashley said...

Hey Jen! Wish I knew about this reading conference- I would have loved to go!! I sent you a message on facebook that probably went to your "other" folder about reading. I was hoping you could help me! :)

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