February Phonemic Awareness Activities

For those of you that haven't hopped on board with my (our) literature based phonemic awareness activities...actually we call them phonological awareness listening games because there are several skills that are at the whole sentence level and the whole word level....then most of the rest of the 16 skills covered in these activities are at the phoneme (phonemic) level.  

These auditory activities that we call listening games, help pre-readers and beginning readers discern and discriminate auditory sounds. These are not phonics games. Students do not look at anything to do these lessons...they listen to you and follow your auditory directions that are 100% scripted out in these lesson plans.

These lessons take about 10 minutes of your day...at the most.  These lessons are written in 5 day cycles.  The foundational phonemic skills practiced and reinforced in these lessons spiral each week.  The essential 16 skills we have included for coverage each week are ALL outlined in the Common Core documents.  Even if you are not a Common Core school, research shows that phonemic awareness, exposure, and daily practice is essential for future reading success.  Use these lessons and your students will be set and you will be able to sleep at night knowing you are not "not providing" core instruction in one of the BIG 7 ROCKS of LITERACY. This curriculum provides the most solid, explicit and systematic core instruction in phonemic awareness that's available....anywhere!

Here's what teachers have said lately about our PA curriculum.

Two Peas Curriculum also faithfully used by the Lake Myra Kindergarten team & Deedee Wills of  Mrs. Wills Kindergarten and Laura Martin of Peace, Love and First Grade.

February titles used in this month's phonemic awareness lessons:

Sam & the Lucky Money  (Chinese New Year starts January 31, 2014)
100th Day Worries  (falls on different days for different schools)
A. Lincoln & Me  (President's Day is February 17, 2014)
Open Wide: Tooth School Inside (February is Dental Health Month)

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