November Phonemic Awareness Games, And My New Bestseller - Fluency Sentences for Progress Monitoring Phonics Interventions

Just in the nick of time, we finished our second set of November Phonological Awareness Activities.  
The following books are used in this set:

In November by Cynthia Rylant
Giving Thanks: A Native American Good Morning Message
A Plump and Perky Turkey
Pilgrims at Plymouth

Also wanted to let you know now what the December titles for set 2 will be for anyone that wants to know so you can be securing the titles. Our book selection criteria is quite long...among the most important elements we look for are rich vocabulary and content, we also try to use titles that are somewhat familiar to teachers or a book you might already have in your classroom library.  In the event you don't, 99% of the titles can be checked out at the public library and/or can be purchased for pennies on Amazon.  3/4 of the titles below are available USED for .01 on Amazon.  The December titles will be:

Gingerbread Friends (Gingerbread Unit)
Far North (Reindeer Unit)

Oh, and katiemichelle, a Hello Two Peas buyer left this feedback just today:

"This curriculum is amazing! My first graders' ability  to blend and segment words, break sentences into words and syllables and phonemes, and add/remove/change phonemes already at this point in the year is phenomenal. Every primary teacher needs this curriculum!"

Thanks KatieMichelle, we think so too! : )

So, head on over to our Hello Two Peas shop to pick up the November Set 2 pack today while it's....

AND, we are throwing a SALE for the next two days in both of our honor of the oh, so special holiday coming up....because we all know "that the day after Halloween is every teacher's favorite day of the year!" said no teacher ever.   So, take a moment to shop and stock up on some TpT treats (no tricks) before your kiddos come to school Friday morning all sugared up for a full day of turbo charged learning.  


Also, take this opportunity to "dress up" your Intervention Station by grabbing my newest bestseller....

This packet falls right in line with my other RTI products (although it doesn't have to be used for RTI at all...I use it daily with all students in my Fluency Station).  Here's where it fits in....

Here's a peek at some sample pages...

Sight Word Fluency Sentences

Short Vowel Word Fluency Sentences

Silent 'e' Word Fluency Sentences

Blends Word Fluency Sentences

r-Controlled Word Fluency Sentences

Here's the thing about RTI and providing interventions....

Therefore, you must have a progress monitoring piece in place if you are collecting data for documentation.
I have an entire line of Progress Monitoring products in my little store.  And, also included in the packet is a 10 page guide to RTI that I wrote to help explain the process to teacher friendly language.   


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