ReWordify Could Help Make Text More Accessible for All Readers: Summarizing The Gettysburg Address

Two scores and nine years ago, I went on a school trip to the east coast for two weeks. We visited many historic landmarks...Monticello, Mt.Vernon, Williamsburg, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Gettysburg. It was an awesome trip that I still remember to this day. I took lots of pictures with my Kodak camera including one of me and my friends sitting onto of a cannon at the Gettysburg Battlefield, and that was my Gettysburg memory, until last week. 

 Last week, I found this cool web-based app (application) called ReWordify that I wanted to be sure and share with everyone because it seems like it would have so many possibilities for making more text accessible to all readers.  I haven't tried it yet with my students, but I was really curious if it really worked to increase comprehension, even  my own.  So, I did a little experiment. I cut and pasted The Gettysburg Address into the text box at, and it really worked...I actually think I understand what it actually says and means better than I did least I think I'm better able to summarize it....(no disrespect intended, just my simplified summary)...

"A whole bunch of brave men died fighting for our nation on this ground. Their mission and service here had a purpose and gave meaning to the values our country were founded upon...liberty, freedom and equality...they fought for these and died for these. We are here today to properly honor them and bury them."

There are several options once you are at the site, but overall, it's very straightforward and simple to use.  No sign-in or account is required, which is nice and the results are generated within seconds.  Totally awesome!  Anyway, for anyone interested in using the original Gettysburg Address and/or the "rewordified" version of The Gettysburg Address with your class, click HERE for versions you may copy and use in your classroom.  Have fun rewordifying! 

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