Hello Common Core Reading...Writing about Reading is BIG in the the Common Core Standards

For those of you new to the Common Core, and I realize there are many states implementing it for the first time this year, I wanted to let you know about a resource I created last year to give students an opportunity to respond to their reading in meaningful, rigorous ways that is aligned to the Common Core. As you may know or will soon come to know, WRITING ABOUT READING is BIG in the Common Core...students must express their reading comprehension through written comprehension for many of the standards, so these documents will do just that...in addition to the written answer responses that are coming soon to national assessments.  I have created original reading comprehension response sheets for each Common Core standards for both Reading Literature (RL) and Reading Informational Text (RIT) and noted the standard for which the sheet aligns, in the upper right corner of each sheet, so there's no guessing as to which sheets goes with which standard.  In addition, if your school, district or state is one like ours that uses PowerSchool, our new electronic gradebook, it will be necessary for you to include the standard for each assignment/assessment listed in this gradebook.   I have combined the previews of both RL & RIT packs below for you to preview here in the event you'll want to grab these.

I debuted these packs last spring and they spent quite a bit of time on the TpT Best Sellers list. Here's what others have had to say about them...

"Absolutely wonderful!!!! I highly recommend this great resource." - Roxanne Register

"Absolutely AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! As I read through the 250 plus pages, my mind was going a mile-a-minute with ways in which I can utilize the pages and information you have constructed. Thank you sooooo much." - r0b1nn

"This is AMAZING! Thank you for your hard work!" - srhv21

"This is my first TpT purchase and I have been eyeing it for months! Thank you so much! This is a fantastic product!" -kfretwell

"I had a workshop on close reading for common core and your set went perfectly with it. While everyone else was stressing, I was relaxed because I knew I had this set! :) "
 - Michelle Mallorys Racing Team

"Amazing amount of reproducibles. You thought of everything!" - J Slager

These sets are K-2 and I am currently working on the grades 3-5 sets now...my summer was busier than I thought so they aren't ready yet, but they will be out this fall, along with the free mentor text lists.  Since virtually each response sheet could be its own reading mini-lesson, several teachers at my school turned them into anchor charts.  See below. 

The RL set is HERE and the RIT set is HERE...
or bundled together for a discount HERE

Happy Reading! -Jen



kdrex said...

These look great! Anxiously awaiting the 3-5 bundle!!

Jill H said...

Again... You are awesome :)

Mr. First Grade said...

This looks amazing! I love the anchor charts that are tied directly to the CC standards...

Mr. First Grade

Robin said...

Anxiously awaiting the grades 3-5 version! Hurry Hurry! LOL... just kidding. Thanks for all of the hard work! I really enjoy your blog!

Jennifer Jones said...

I know. I know. I feel terrible it's not up yet but summer was "funner" than I expected so I'm a little behind schedule. I'm about halfway done...it's taking hours and hours. :-)

Kate Olson said...

This is an amazing product! I'm so excited that you're doing a 3-5 product - do you have an anticipated release date? Thank you for all of the great work you do and share with all of us :-)

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