Sweet Clipart Deal of the Century for Teachers from JC Sweet Pea Designs

I ran across this sweet little digital clipart shop on Etsy a couple of weeks ago, JC Sweet Pea Designs, and fell in love with her graphics.  She had a sweet deal in her shop at the time with a button that said,
"Buy My Entire Shop" for $75.00.  Ya'll, this was a deal of a century, considering she has over 80 paper, elements and clipart packs that range in price from $3.50 - $10.00. 

The shop is owned by Jennifer Cox of the UK. She caters to digital scrapbookers, but said she is going to start making more school/theme related packs for teachers.  She has quite a few school related packs as it is, but she is willing to extend her $75.00 offer to any teacher that would like to use her graphics commercially, specifically in your TpT products.  She said, "I want to work with teachers and help them out as much as I can...so I'm willing to not require teachers to purchase my Commercial License as long as they provide a link to my store in their product description and/or Credits Page." 

You can purchase her entire store here or contact her directly with questions here.

Happy Creating & Happy Reading! ~Jen



Jessica F said...

Thanks for the GREAT heads up Jen! So glad I just got paid from TPT so I can go buy some more clip art. :)

Fun in PreK-1

Positively Learning said...

I just bought it! She was so sweet & I LOVE the sets! Thank you so much for letting us know about the awesome deal :)

Creating Teaching Inspiring said...

Thanks so much for letting me know about this the other day!! :) I love the clip art and the deal!!! :)

A Tale of 2 First Grades said...


Not sure if I should love this post or not??????? You are feeding my addiction. Ha! Really thanks for sharing you are right adorable .


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