...How I Spent the Last 45 Minutes of a Friday Afternoon [with 5thGraders]...in a Nutshell

Can you infer what we did from the following hashtags?

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I taught another stand-alone lesson today....for our Guidance Counselor, who unexpectedly went out sick...as a result, the support teachers and instructional coaches are all pitching in to teach Guidance.  I drew the Friday afternoon, 5th Grade straw....and I LOVE IT!  These kids are almost "outta here" and week after week, they give me nothing less than Level 4 effort, attitude and cooperation.   Today, I had the pleasure of teaching Ms. Burtis' class.  

Here's what I did.  

1. Created a planner sheet called, "My Advice for Rising 5th Graders."

2. Checked out 15 iPods from the Media Center.

3. Wrote the 45 minute schedule on the board. This "no time to waste" pace and expectation was key! (picture shown above)

Students did a quick write for 10 minutes to complete their advice. 

Pairs of students checked out 1 iPod and synergized to create 2 individual 30 second videos for rising 5th graders by reading their advice sheets in front of the camera.  See pictures below of students working together.  Students had 10 minutes to record, re-record (if necessary) and "upload" their videos.  (More on the uploading below).

Instead of students actually "uploading" straight to YouTube, they emailed their videos directly to me.  I fetched them from my iPhone and saved them to my Camera Roll.  I, then, uploaded them each to my Hello Literacy YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/helloliteracy) right then and there, as they emailed them to me.  (Took approximately 1 minute per 30 second video.)

At 2:45, there were 14 videos uploaded to our channel, we watched each one together as a class, they evaluated each other by giving scores on the back of their paper.  

On Monday, the Teacher Leader team will tally and tabulate the top 3 highest scoring videos to be included in the End of the Year 5th grade slideshow.  

And there you have it! 45 minutes, in a Hello Literacy nutshell. 

Have a fabulous weekend! And Happy Reading! Jen



Mrs. Lynes said...

This is awesome!!!

Kimberley said...

Love this! I want to do it next week. Thank you.

First in Maine

Miss McTeacher said...

love, love, LOVE this!!!!!

Fancy Nancy said...

You are amazing does not even come close to how I would describe you Jen. Your lessons are so current and on point and then you share them with your followers so we can learn from an expert. You have helped me grow as an educator and I sincerely thank you. Now to find Hello Literacy on YouTube!! Really???

onahillside said...

This is spectacular!!

Jennifer MacMurray :) said...

Absolutely love this! going to try an adaptation for first graders & a single iPad classroom. Technology & literacy really do go hand in hand! :)

Brandee Green said...

Awesome. I'm a fifth grade teacher loving this. :)
Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

Jennifer Jones said...

You are too sweet! Really! Thank you for your comment and giving me feedback that my posts are worthwhile and in some way, helping others. I work hard to model and use the instructional practices that is expected of all teachers...for me, it's not really good enough to stand up in front of teachers and "talk the talk"...I must also "walk the walk" to prove it all do-able but mostly kids CAN meet our high expectations!

Jennifer Jones said...

You can absolutely do this with first graders and one iPad. It can easily be a center, done in pairs or groups of 4 or 6.

Shannon said...

Now this is some 21st century learning and doing going on!!!! You nailed it!


flyer printing said...

Wow. Sounds like a great fun!

tobi said...

Girl that is awesome...Was that an on the fly lesson or did you know you were going to be teaching this? You inspire me!!

Jennifer Jones said...

Yes, sort of on the fly...I knew all week it was coming, but didn't put the lesson together until 45 minutes before...I'm glad the iPods were available. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer!
I just found your TPT store and blog and think you are amazing!
I would love to do something like this with my fifth graders next year. Our school has a class set of 30 iPads that can be checked out, so every student would be able to have an iPad or I could partner them up. My question is how were they able to email their videos to you? Do they have student email accounts to log in to? I was playing around with my iPad and seems as if they would each have to be logged in with their own student account in order to email it to you. Would you be able to better explain how to do this for a newbie? Thanks so much in advance for your help!


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