Close Reading Interactive Read-Aloud - 2/3 Stretch Band Small Group Instruction

Ya'll, this Common Core instruction is by no means perfect, at all, but I believe it has many of the characteristics of teaching reading the Common Core way. Ideally, for a small group close reading, all students would have their own copy of the text...and according to the Educational Fair Use portion of the Copyright Law, you can photocopy up to 10% of the book without violating copyright as long as the copies are used for educational purposes...I think a close reading would count.  It just so happens that the photocopier was down (I'm sure that never happens at your school), and I did not want to hold the lesson up for that. Anyway, the 2nd grade team and I have been engaged in Close Reading Coaching Cycles for most of the last half of the year.  They asked me to videotape myself introducing "close reading" to my 2nd grade reading group.  This particular group of students are not reading independently in the 2/3 stretch band, and that is why my instruction is sooo scaffolded, however, since the Common Core calls for ALL students to be "independent and proficient  in the 2/3 text complexity bandi"...this is their "stretch scoop."  This group of 2nd students who independently read at level 15/16, also receive another scoop of learning (guided reading) at their instructional level, 17/18, by their classroom teacher.  Notice my behavior  when students begin to veer "outside" the text, get "off-topic" or share personal connection stories.  Enjoy!

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Tania said...

Awesome video! I just signed up for the 'close' reading class offered through Eschools.
Can't wait to learn to do this...properly :)
My Second Sense

Leslie said...

This is the first truly modeled example of "close reading" that I have seen! Very excited to watch and share your video. Thanks!

Shelley Rolston said...

Hi Jen,

This is a great instructional video. I love how you incorporate all the student background knowledge into the story. Students are engaged and making connections.

The Perks of Teaching Primary

buzzer said...

This is really helpful since close reading hasn't been discussed much at my school. Thanks.

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