Fifty Shades: Today at NCRA

To all the NCRA participants attending my session this afternoon, I wanted to give you a link to my presentation in the event that you would like to follow along.   You can also follow directly at Slideshare,'s my most recent upload so it should pop up first, but be sure to look for the Fifty Shades: NCRA version.

This year I was asked to present a 2-hour although this is the presentation I use to facilitate one day trainings at school sites, it is the comprehensive and concise version of Fifty Shades of the Common Core: Part 1.  Unfortunately, there is not enough time today to include anything from my Fifty Shades of the Common Core: Part 2, about text complexity and close readings. But that is linked up Slideshare if you want to take a look at that.

Feel free to download my presentation or print it for your reference.

Here are the links to my hand-outs for anyone that doesn't get a set or would like to make more for members of your team that did not make it to NCRA this year.

Handout Links HERE  HERE  HERE & HERE

See you all there! This afternoon, Raleigh Convention Center, 4:00PM, Room 303!

Happy Reading! ~Jen

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Jill H said...

Jen is awesome... just in case the world didn't know, I'm here to help :)

Pam Artis said...

I'm glad that you posted your session. I really wanted to attend your session, but it's hard to be in 2 places at one time.

Queen Bee said...

I tried to send a dm through twitter, but since you don't follow me, I couldn't...

Would you have any time to answer a question or two about teachers pay teachers? My personal e-mail is if at all possible. Thanks...

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