Wanna Be...Pete the Cat?

...if the answer is YES, then this post is for you.   Last spring I posted about our Literacy Week celebrations during the first week of March, in a blog post called, Some School Spirit.  After that, I got a lot of emails from teachers (well, not a lot, but about 20) asking for directions on how to make the Pete the Cat costumes as worn by the 1st grade team.   To honor the request of those teachers that asked, I kindly asked the first grade team to tell me what they did and how they did it.  So, I have compiled a "how-to" book for teachers interested in also being a team of "Pete the Cats"...otherwise known as Colorful Cats...don't want to violate copyright. 

 Please take a free download of my "How-to Be Colorful Cats" book HERE.  

Happy Reading! - Jen


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