Webb's Depth of Knowledge Common Core Classroom Posters

Earlier in the fall, I created the Revised Bloom's Taxonomy Classroom Posters, and they have become one on my best bestsellers, thanks to you.  However, I have had several teachers email me to say their schools have converted over from Bloom's to Webb's levels of cognitive thinking.  The Common Core documents refer to higher levels of thinking via Webb's Depth of Knowledge.  If you are teaching at a school that has converted over from Bloom's to Webb's, you'd know it.  Lake Myra Elementary, and I'm sure a lot of other schools, are sticking with Bloom's, or Revised Bloom's....they're similar but different.  The main differences are that Webb's has four levels and Bloom's has six. The other difference is that Bloom's levels of thinking are determined by the verb in the objective.  Webb's level of thinking is not just determined by the verb but the context in which the verb is used and by the complexity of the cognitive demand in the task. To read more about Webb's Depth of Knowledge, here is a good resource. Here is a Webb's Chart.   So for those of you that asked for the Webb's DOK Posters in the Signal Strength version, here you go.

You can download you're own Webb's DOK classroom poster set HERE

Happy Reading! Jen



Primary Possibilities said...

I just viewed these posters on TpT and added them to my wishlist. I have several items that I am ready to purchase during the big SuperBowl Sunday sale. Great job, as always!! Stephanie

Rachel R. said...

Someone pinned your Bloom's posters "stacked" (http://www.pinterest.com/pin/195132596327337914/) and I would love to have them stacked up like that as a bookmark. Any chance you might consider putting them together like that and selling it as a bookmark?

Jennifer Jones said...

Hi! They are stacked as a bookmark in the set that's for sale.

Rachel R. said...

Oops; I managed to miss that! (I just saw the individual posters.) I'll go grab that, then. :)

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