Revised Post: More A to Z Books Are Here! (Video Tutorial Added)

Good Morning, Hello Literacyland!!  I have been busy making a few more A-Z books for your classroom literacy centers...or really, any instructional format that you choose to use them.  These are open-ended activities that get students working independently or cooperatively that is reading and writing about informational content.  Students can practice their research and reference skills with technology, the internet, text materials from the media center or reference materials.  Students can complete it at their own pace, for enrichment or homework.  The instructional differentiation possibilities are endless.   The Animals A-Z book has a Preview if you'd like to see what it looks like in "real life"...

Several teachers have emailed me about the assembly of these books and how to make them into "books" I have created this short video to show you how I assemble them.  I actually teach the kids how to do it, but this is how we do it.  


Take care & Happy Monday! Jen


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Julie Marciniak said...

What a great post! Your monthly A-Z books are a fabulous idea! I just posted about your Non-Fiction Text Features notebook. Love it! I am using it this week with my first graders to introduce text features with our Science-related Arctic Animals texts!
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