G'day Common Core Phonological Awareness Curriculum: It's September in Australia

We finally finished our September bundle of phonological awareness lessons...I know the order that we are putting them up in seems random and out of order, but there really is a rhyme to our madness.  We began uploading lessons in November and then began uploading consecutive months... December, January, February and March.  Then, Kylie from www.teachingdownunder.blogspot.com contacted me and asked if we could upload September next since in Australia where Kylie teaches, their "September" is now, in our "January."  So next week students in Australia will start back to school.   Here are the September titles: 

Sorry, it's hard to read...the titles are:
The Kissing Hand (Back to School)  (75 cents)
How I Became a Pirate (International Talk Like a Pirate Day - Sep. 19) (75 cents)
Late for School (First Day of School) (75 cents)

To try these lessons out first before you buy,
 you can download a FREE week's worth of PA lessons HERE.  

Although all these books were available in my school's media center, and are available at the public library, there are used copies available for as low as 75 cents at www.half.com...and I've linked them above.  

If you are interested in knowing future titles, here are the titles for April:
The Lorax (Earth Day)
April Foolishness (April Fools Day)
Hailstones and Halibut Bones (National Poetry Month)
Tops and Bottoms (Spring Gardening)

For now...happy reading! Jen



Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Thanks, Jen!!! You're so resourceful!

Mrs. Parker said...

I am enjoying your January bundle a lot. Any sales planned? I'd love to get the entire series.

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