New Hello Fonts Added Today!

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I've created 9 new fonts since October and I'm proud to show them off today...Cyber Monday.  If you use and make commercial products for Teachers Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook, then today would be the perfect day to snag my Hello Fonts Commercial License at 28% off the non-sale price of $ and tomorrow, it's only $14.60....(it shows the sale price at $16, but if you enter the Promo Code CMT12 @ Checkout, TpT will take give an additional 8% discount.  If you just want to use my fonts for personal and non-commercial (not-for-profit) use at home or in your classroom, you can download them in the right sidebar of my blog.  Thanks everyone and good luck today!

~Jen Jones



Deana said...

I LOVE these new fonts! Yours are by far my favorite to use in products, thank you so much for creating them!

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Jennifer Jones said...

Ahhh, Deana, that is so sweet! Thank you. It's probably classified as an addiction. ;-) happy cyber Monday to you! Jen

Tonya said...

Hey, wait a second...I thought your fonts were always free...are they not any more??? I love them SO much!

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Jennifer Jones said...

Tonya...technically, my fonts are all free. It's the commercial license you are buying if you want to use the fonts in products you make and sell for profit. If you make and use the fonts for personal and non-commercial use, or in FREE products, then a commercial license is not required. Thanks, Jen

Tonya said...

I never saw a commercial license before! When did you start that? I went ahead and bought it though! I just adore your stuff!

Amanda Mattson said...

Do I need to purchase the commerical license in order to get these new fonts? I've downloaded some of your others and LOVE them! I would really like these new fonts.

Lisa said...

I am with these gals. Maybe I downloaded the fonts before you started charging for commercial use? I am pretty sure I read your TOU prior to using your stuff on any of my products (of which I don't have that many) and didn't see anything about a commercial use charge.

I do wish I'd known this in time for Cyber Monday. For some reason your Monday update just posted right now to my Blogger Roll, saying that you posted it 26 mn ago even though it's 11:21 CST on Thursday and the date on the post is Monday. Odd.

I do really love your fonts. Would I need to "backdate" the commercial fonts license to cover the products I made in earlier months?

Going forward I will use other fonts in the mean time and purchase your commercial license during your next sale. Do you know when that will be?

Jennifer Jones said...

Lisa...that totally stinks! I still have the free for personal and non-commerciall use license as well. Don't worry about any of your products that you already made using Hello Fonts...but yes, moving forward, please purchase a commercial license. Depending on when you get *this* update (and email me when you and then I'll set a one day sale on the Commercial Fonts license just for you. How does that sound? I hate that you missed I don't want you left out, k?

Rae said...

I love your fonts! I have started making my own on iFontMaker on my IPad, but I can't figure out how to offer them as a file for others to download. Right now I can get them off the website as a download to my computer fonts, but that's it. Any advice?



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