RTI Question for Hello Literacy Blog Readers

I'm conducting a very short, and very informal research project on what schools are using to progress monitoring the RTI interventions you are putting in place for your at-risk readers.  If you don't mind filling this out for me, it will take approximately 15 seconds of your time.

Thank You! -Jen



The Science Penguin said...

Done! Hope you get a lot of responses!

The Science Penguin

Kate said...

Done! Thank you for continuing to share all of your great RTI resources! :)

EduKate and Inspire

Karen said...

I submitted one, too. Will you be posting the results? Have you heard of Pat Quinn? He is known as "The RtI Guy" and speaks all over the country about how to implement RtI. He also comes to schools and does presentations. he is wonderful and makes it "easy." If nothing else, I suggest subscribing to his newsletters. He tackles interventions, progress monitoring, tier one teaching, and recently, using ipads. I know him personally and he is a great resource and a hilarious speaker!

Heather said...

God bless you for sharing and helping with RTI!

Sarah Paul said...

Done! :)
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Jill said...

Done! Will you be sharing the results? I would be interested to know what other materials/resources are used for Progress Monitoring.
Thank you for sharing all of your resources!

Laura said...

You weren't kidding about 15 seconds.
It only had 2 questions!!!! I think I passed. Ha.
I wish I could have pushed more that one button because or district uses more than one but I picked one of the options you had instead.

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