Sight Word Success Stories

I guess it goes without saying that Rainbow Words are everywhere at Lake Myra! It's a beautiful thing and of course, you can imagine how ecstatic I was when this first grader walked out to the carpool loop (my pm duty) to see her wearing a "Congratulate Me! I just passed my PINK rainbow words!" shirt label. Uhhh, of course, I gave her a high five, a low five and a rainbow five for her accomplishment...and then said, HOLD THE PHONE...let me snap a pic of that doggone cute label!  The second best part of the story was the excitement she had when she crawled in the car and exclaimed to her dad, "Daddy, Daddy, I read all my pink rainbow words today!" Her dad was happy for her for sure, her love bucket was overfull and most of all, she was soooo proud of herself!  With that said, since uploading my Rainbow Words: High Frequency Word Learning and Assessment System, the positive feedback has been pouring in.  

Here's what others have to say about it (now that school has started & buyers have actually started using it):

"FANTASTIC!!! Absolutely love this! I've already started using this with my kiddos! The first grade department at our school have now adopted this!" - Shannon

"This is a great resource for my 1st graders! They love it! It also works well for the 1st grade intervention class that I teach. Thanks so much!"-Sarah K.

"Top notch product. The certificates and stickers are especially great! Thank you so much for sharing all of your hard work." - shaylaeb

"My entire grade level is purchasing this so that we have an organized approach to teach and assess student sight word acquisition and fluency. Thanks for putting this together!!"-thumper

"What a time saver, and my students love it, too!"-chesneyfan118

So, because I stand behind the quality and customer satisfaction of this product AND I know that teaching sight words can be one of the most boring and stale areas of reading instruction, and I truly want every primary teacher who is looking for a new ways to teach old have a copy of this product...I am putting my Rainbow Words System ON SALE through Sunday, 9/16.  Please grab it...your kiddos will love it and they will THANK YOU for it. Truly. 

Also, uploaded my Reciprocal Teaching Formative Assessment of Comprehension Strategies {which can be used with ANY TEXT...fiction or informational}...and my Reciprocal Teaching Comprehension Strategies Poster.

Happy Reading! -Jen Jones 

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Mrs. L said...

I love how excited she is! That is how a student should feel at school about learning. Sometimes I fear testing takes all the fun out of learning. Nice to know Rainbow Words is bringing back some pride and excitement.
Life with Mrs. L

cassie said...

Bought rainbow words last week. Couple questions: do the first grade teachers put up word walls? Do all the words go up at once? Or maybe once a student gets to a color then it goes up ? Do you assess where kids are do you start all at red? What are some classroom activities you suggest since everyone is on different list ( thinking about adding a day to our words their way rotation where students would work on the sight words.

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