Photo Wednesday {a short week in review}

I wanted to blog about the lettering in my Hello Literacy header because I get several emails a week about it. To answer everyone's question, YES you can get it too. It's technically not called a font but an ALPHABET. like the box below in the upper right. The name of the Alphabet is Funky Chunky and it you log in to Lettering Delights using the pink square Lettering Delights box in my blog's right sidebar, you can also get 9 free fonts....I am highly addicted to Lettering Delights and I think you're going to love it too! 

You'll notice that this post is coming early, pre-Friday. Lucky me got invited to present with my husband in Orlando, so this was a short work week. Like I mentioned, Monday and Tuesday were spent AIMSwebbing the entire school. We have an RTI benchmark team that gets all the classes done in two days...all the classroom teachers have to do is bring their class to the media center for about 20 minutes. If you look closely, you'll see everyone using the new assessment binders I put together! Get  your AIMSweb or DIBELS assessment binder set at 

Last, here's a sneak peek for the Tier 2 vocabulary post I'm working on and will have up next week. These vocabulary shirt labels is a strategy used by Mrs. Behrend to teach music vocabulary. 


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