New Year, New Series: Photo Friday {a week in review}

So it's a new year, so why not start a new blog tradition...a Photo Friday! If you know me, which I realize that most of you don't, but if you did, you'd know I don't go literally anywhere without my either in my hand, in my pocket or charging on the wall! Because I always have it with me, I'm always snapping pictures throughout the you can see below, I just HAD to capture Jan Hall bringing her iPad to the teacher's lounge this week...we're so excited that all the teachers got an iPad this year! Thanks, Jim, Tina & Leigh! With that said, here's what else I "snapped" this week: 

Was so excited to be able to bring my daughter to work with me this week (except today, she had Freshman Camp today...she starts HS at the end of August...geez, am I getting that old?)

No joke, this was the site in the parking lot on Monday morning. Nearly every teacher had some baskets, bags from The Dollar Tree, and/or back to school goodies  in tow! It was hilarious...teachers and their stuff!

Apparently, only Joanna, Tina and I got the periwinkle and white memo on Thursday.

This morning was our first fire drill of the year and one of the best ever!

And of course, I saved the best for new PM duty this year is Outside Carpool (last year I was Indoor Carpool...the holding area) this year I'm outside which I love and get a chance to see all the parents, which I also love...but I could not resist taking this picture when this parent pulled up...makes duty all worth it. 

Was notified last week that I had received this blog award...thank you!

And should also have my Rainbow Words system up by tonight! (I hope) You can "Follow Me" over at if you want to be automatically notified when I make that available.  
Have a great weekend!! 



Jessica Meacham said...

Hey Jennifer! Many blessings to you as you begin school. We still have four weeks left (well one of those is teacher in-service). Been thinking of you , my friend! I want to know what the gallon of milk is that your friend is carrying into school. Cute pictures, and great idea. =) Jess

Jennifer Jones said...

Hello friend!! Been thinking of you too! All is well, really well! Debi Parker, K teacher, bringing milk and cookies for her Kinders! Take care, Jen

Shannon said...

Love the pics! My daughter is starting college on August 20th, so how is that for feeling old??!! :)

Our students start school on 8/20, but we start on 8/13. I've been working in my classroom on and off for a couple of weeks now and feel more prepared (classroom) at this time than I've ever felt!

On the other hand, I'll be teaching 5/6 history for the first time EVER-so feeling a little unprepared for that. :)


Corinne Taylor said...

Great pics Jen!

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