My Reading Workshop Mini-Lesson: Shopping for Just-Right Books

Reading Workshop Mini-Lesson 8-21-12: Readers Try On Books 

(This year, I'm following the lesson sequence from Lucy Calkin's Common Core Curricular Plans for Reading Workshop ...last year they were a $10 download but the new ones are already available (and free) in draft form on the TCRWP website***)

Yesterday I taught my 2nd graders (I have 28 of them for Reading Workshop for 60 minutes every day) that  readers who take charge of their reading life 'try on books'...using the analogy of trying on clothes in the store, for a variety of reasons, before we buy them, readers do the same thing with books. 

Then, for my mini-lesson today, I used a demonstration child to walk them through the steps of book shopping. Here was my mini-lesson teaching point today:

"Readers, today I want to teach you that readers that are the boss of their reading life...try on books, before they decide if they will add them to their book bin.  To do this, they do several things. First, they decide if the cover and topic looks and sounds interesting to them.  Then, they read the blurb on the book. And finally, they do the 5 finger test."  

Here are pictures from the demonstration. 
(child used with parent permission)

1. Ask yourself if the cover looks and sounds interesting? (No...The Great Depression...I don't blame him) So keep shopping/browsing.

2. Ask again, does the cover look and sound interesting to me?  (Yes)

3. Then, read the blurb on the back, and decide if it still sounds interesting. (Yes).

4. Then, read the first page and do the 5 finger test. (Yes, 2 fingers = just right)

5. Add it to my book box. Keep it for a while until "I've thinked it out!" and there's no more thinking to be done with it. 

Here's a re-cap of the strategy steps that  readers use when book shopping. 
A Book Shopping Flow Chart

Then for my reading conferences today, they were all about, I'm sure you can shopping, books selection, abandoning books that you JUST shopped for and self-monitoring book shopping choices.

Have a listen here:  (made with the app, Audioboo)

Happy Reading! ~Jen Jones

***you can find the new free 2012-2013 Common Core Curricular Calendars from TCRWP by registering at their website here. Once you create an account, confirm through email, you will be taken to your account page.  You can either click "Curriculum Calendars" at the very top of the the page or click "Curriculum Materials" on the left.  Then scroll down to the bottom of that page for the materials for Reading Workshop or Writing Workshop....each listing the units for each grade level.  

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dbednars said...

Thank you for sharing! Where would I find this on TCRWP for 1st grade? Thank you!

mary b. said...

Love hearing your conferences on AudioBoo. (It's a "new-to-me" app.) A book shopping mini-lesson will be on tap for my first graders in a few weeks.

Jennifer Jones said...

To find them, you need a TCRWP Go here to sign up.

Then, log-in...I believe the new drafts are listed under Forms...once you're in there you'll see them and be able to download them.

Sarah said...

I just love your blog. I also teach 2nd grade and was looking for the TCRWP 2012-2013 curricular calendars on their website, but cannot find them anywhere. I registered and logged in but could not find any links for "forms" and when I clicked at the top on curricular calendars, there was nothing at the bottom of the page for the files. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!!

Jennifer Jones said...

Once you log-in at the TCRWP site there is a tab on the left that says CURRICULUM MATERIALS. Click it. Then a page appears with the heading ACCESSING THE RWP MATERIALS. Scroll to the bottom of that page. You'll two lines. One says Reading Units and the second line says Writing Units. If you click them it will expand to each grade level.

Angela said...

Thank you for sharing this! I registered and am checking out the resources. I used some of the (Writing) Units of Study for Primary last year and was planning on using them entirely this year. I like these new Common Core updates!

One thing I couldn't find was the 1st grade equivalent of the first link you posted. I'm assuming this was last year's book? The only place I could find it was on the Heinemann site and it was $10. Where did you find the 2nd grade version? I teach combined 1st/2nd, so I'd like a copy of both.

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