Materials Management with the iPad

So I am loving the app, TeacherPal TeacherKit, it totally helps me organize groups of students, keep track of daily attendance, I've got students entering their own daily grade for "keeping track of their stuff"....I tell ya! Last week, every day, *someone* would say, I forgot my ____....guess how many kids have forgotten things this week? None. I love it! And they do too.

Also, affix a sticker near the camera lense so students know where to look when taking their picture with the iPad.



Jessica Meacham said...

Ha! Thank YOU for the sticker/camera picture. I couldn't figure out why all my kiddos were looking at the ceiling! Ugh! It was during open house so I didn't have time to investigate and just gave up on taking pictures. GREAT tip! =)

Heather Mathews said...

What is this TeacherPal that you speak of? I grabbed my ipad with intentions to investigate and can't find it in the app store. It sounds like just the thing I've been looking for!

Great idea about the camera! You are a true blue smartie pants!

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Jennifer Jones said... know, I think it used to be called TeacherPal, but when I looked at my app this morning, it's called TeacherKit, maybe they changed the name in one of their updates...anyway, you will LOVE it, and the kids will too. BTW, how you hyper-embed your blog into your signature like that? YOU are a "true blue smartie pants!" :-)

Monica Horn said...

Wow! And the app is even free. Thanks for sharing.

jnelson said...

Yes, thanks for sharing! I love your fonts too!

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