First Week of School...Phew! {Almost Friday}

Happy First Week of me! That's right, year-round for Track 4 started this week...I realize many of you are still in summer mode and beginning to think about your first week of school. To celebrate, I created "First Day of ___ Grade" Signs for first day of school pictures.  Enjoy! {HERE}

Here's what else I've been up to this week....helping Kindergarten teacher assess their students...the KIA [Kindergarten Initial Assessments] assessment is a battery of initial assessments and screenings administered to all incoming Kindergarteners.  My part was easy...Letter Naming Fluency (a part of AIMSweb)...with the little ones, which was after graduating all students in the system to the next grade, and entering all new K students into AIMSweb...a big shout-out to Karen Robert's (Megan's mom...Megan was my super inferrer last spring in my 2nd grade reading group) who entered all the Kindergarteners into the system for me.  I couldn't do everything I've done this week without the awesome parent help from Lake Myra.  

Now, ready for some super organization? In addition, this week I've created these AIMSweb benchmark assessment binders to begin Universal Screening next week.  The first year we opened and began with AIMSweb, I trained all the teachers on how to administer their own benchmark assessments (that's what AIMSweb calls universal screenings...DIBELS calls them universal screening measures)...but nonetheless, they serve the same purpose, regardless of whether you are an AIMSweb school or a DIBELS school, or a lone ranger out there trying to single-handledly implement RTI in your classroom {"and you should be commended, complimented and recognized as an instructional leader doing what's best for kids"...and I'll get off my soapbox now}these binders will help you stay ORGANIZED! And who doesn't want to be organized?  Anyway, now that we are in our fourth year since opening (where did the last three years go?) we began last year taking this assessment piece of the plates of teachers, and now we have a benchmark team that does the entire school in two days.  I create a schedule (similar to like say Picture Day) where teachers bring their class to the media center where 10 of us (interventionists...AG teacher, ESL teacher, Title 1 teachers, Math Coach, Literacy Coach, IRTs) mass benchmark all classes over two days. It's a great system that works for our school and helps the teachers (most important).

  Whether you use booklets and hand-score or use browser-based scoring like we do, student still need copies to read/view to do the assessment task.  These binders house the student copies of all these assessment sheets (from the Downloads tab at or from the DIBELS website. We are an AIMSweb school but I made the binders in both AIMSweb and DIBELS formats, to try and accommodate everyone.   If you don't use AIMSweb or DIBELS to universally benchmark your school and you use a different benchmarking system, let me know what system that is and I will make a binder set for you. is progress monitoring system that some schools use for progress monitoring and I am considering making a binder set for EASYcbm progress monitoring measures, do you think I should? 

AND, for those of you that are lone rangers, you can register as a guest user at DIBELS and download all the universal screening and progress monitoring measures at no charge...follow this path, IN THIS ORDER:
2. Download Materials box, click on Free DIBELS 6th Ed., etc.
3. Sign Up for an Account (in the Data System sign-in box)
4. Complete fields, retrieve username and password from your Inbox
5. Go back to step 2 and sign in to download

If you're interested in using the binder set to organize your universal screening assessments download a preview at the links below in my TpT store, :

And....last but not least, our school is on big push for Tier 2 Vocabulary Instruction...I've got lots of great things to share for how we're doing this (that is aligned to common core and text complexity) but I will save that for my next post!  

I've also been working feverishly on the Rainbow Words pack, that should be ready this's really coming together nicely! And, I've created and added some new fonts to the Hello Fonts line-up, new ones are marked {new}.

Happy Almost Friday! :-) Jen
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Lisa R. said...

I love the signs!! Thank you so much!! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Kelley Smith said...

Love everything you do, Jenn! Been using your stuff for years!! If you need any Glyphs come see us at


Tonya said...

I love the signs and your newest fonts:)


Tonya’s Treats for Teachers
I’m having a 40% off sale at my TN store! Come check it out!!!

Joanne Miller said...

Thank you so much for sharing! I can't wait to use these with my students and my own children!
Head Over Heels For Teaching

teaching fashionista said...

Love everything...thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a easyCBM binder!

Elisa said...

Cute everything! I checked out your binders on TPT but didn't download because my district doesn't use the universal screening (at least that I know of, I will have to investigate this). I would LOVE a progress monitoring binder since I am responsible for Benchmarking and PMing my entire class.

Unknown said...

Elisa...Benchmarking and Universal Screening are the same thing. What are you using to benchmark your class?

Unknown said...

LOVE your blog! Just are you using your iPad to score Progress Monitoring probes? Seems like that would be MUCH easier and time efficient!

Unknown said...

Aimsweb has a browser based scoring option which makes it really nice....and figures out the corrects and errors for you.

Jen :-)

Unknown said...

Hi Jen! I am new to your blog, but I am loving all of the posts so far. I am wondering if you were able to give me some advice on a benchmark assessment my school uses. I teach two sections of 4th grade ELA, and am required to assess students each quarter using the DRA. Right now, I currently have 73 students (eeek!) and only 4 of them are assessed by the resource teacher because they have IEPs. Our students are supposed to have an end of the year DRA result from 3rd grade, but I have many students who missed the last round of testing at the end of the year, or who are new to our school and do not have a DRA score. Do you have any tips on how to administer the DRA so that I can manage and assess all of the students in a timely manner? (I don't have much technology - just a teacher desktop in my classroom and my Samsung phone.) I get to see the classes for about 2.5 hours each, but am required to teach to a basal program for 1 hour each class.

Any advice or recommendations you have would be a great help! Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

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