Word Chunks Wall Posters for Spelling & Phonics Instruction

Whether you're teaching in the primary classroom, reading intervention or homeschooling your little one, you'll need to teach your students how to identify and recognize word chunks.  Regardless of the the phonics or spelling program you are using, these word chunk posters can be displayed, either one at a time as they occur in the word learning for the week and/or then displayed up somewhere in your classroom as an anchor for their learning.  For years, I have taught phonics through the teaching of word chunks (some programs like Open Court call them Sound/Spelling patterns) but whatever program you use, these vowel and consonant letter combinations are essential letter patterns for your little ones to know and be able to apply.

 In fact, if you are implementing the Common Core standards this year, the use and teaching of these word chunks correlate to the Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade standard of Reading: Foundational Skill - Phonics and Word Recognition, sub-standard 3: "Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words."

So, because I have had so much success with teaching word chunks as a part of my phonics instruction, I have created an updated set of work chunk posters and quick reference sheet for you and your students.  The other part of my phonics instruction (using the Month by Month Phonics curriculum by Patricia Cunningham) is the weekly word wall words.  I have created a week by week sequence for the word wall words which I am in the process of updating as well and get up for download soon.  These word chunks however, can be used as a stand-alone product, with Word Wall Phonics Instruction (like Month by Month Phonics) or with whatever spelling and phonics program your school currently uses, if anything.

I cannot tell you the joy and confidence your students will have when they recognize these word chunks in their books, poems, homework, everywhere....and they won't be shy in giving them a 'shout-out'..."Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Jones...that's one of our word chunks!" they will proudly declare.

 I have provided a preview for you to see what you're getting, so please be sure and check that out. If you have any questions about them or anything else in this post, please do not hesitate to email me at helloliteracy@gmail.com.

Happy Reading! ~Jen Follow on Bloglovin



Rachel Lamb said...

I was inspired by this picture several years ago! I had a friend cricut cut them for me! I love how you have them all on one sheet, too!

alwayslearning said...

Thank you for posting this on TPT! I already purchased and downloaded them! These will be perfect in my new first grade classroom!

Jennifer Jones said...

Holly...this is awesome! Good luck, you'll be great! And thank you for your business. :-)

Jennifer Jones said...

Rachel...awesome! Isn't inspiration the best? Thanks for your feedback on the 'all on one' sheet! I wasn't sure about that!

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