Student Contact Information Card {English & Spanish} Not Fancy, Just Plain and Simple!

Every busy teacher needs a quick way to get a hold of parents, whether it's by phone, note or email. This Student Contact Information Card is a not exactly {CUTE}...although I did use my very own Hello Doodle Print font, in addition to a free one I downloaded online, Ad Lib. The best part of this card is that it's available in both English and Spanish, two cards per sheet, and there is a Home Communication Log to run on the back (although that is not shown here).  Even if you are not a classroom teacher, but you see students throughout the day, like a specialist, reading teacher, special education, math these on card stock, cut in half and send home for parents to complete and return to school.  Make one hole punch in the corner and hang them on a ring by your phone...and voila....any parent at your fingertips!

Get it {HERE}!

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Delighted said...

The one that we use at our school is a lot like this one. I love the part that lets you know who the child lives with! Just wondering if you will have a downloadable link. Thanks.

Jennifer Jones said...
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Jennifer Jones said...

THANK YOU!!! I'll send it to you free, tomorrow, just for catching that! You're awesome.

Laura Duarte said...

Dirección de la Casa (Home) OR Dirección Principal
Célula = Cell ..... ... is Celular OR Móvil

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