Online PD Module #1: Google, Google, Google

If you know me as a teacher, you know I absolutely LOVE Google....and no, I'm not just talking about the search box, although there are wonderful hidden search features of the Google search box, too.  I love Google because it has a plethera of resources for teachers and students.  So for my first online module of my new e-pd series, I'd like to take you on an exploratory journey of some of educational uses that Google has to offer.  This module is designed into mini "field trips" that may be taken one right after another in one sitting or broken apart as your time permits. Like anything, you will only get out of it what you put into "p-develop away!" This module should take approximately 2 hours to complete.
Objective: The learner will increase their digital awareness of Google applications and its digital literacy benefits.

 Please complete this now:

Click on the link above to read all about a NEW way to use Google's search tool.

Try It!: Enter "dogs" as the search word.  What pops up in the Wonder Wheel?
Be Thinking!: Evaluate how the Wonder Wheel helps student's conduct research on the Internet.

Click above to navigate your way to a becoming a Google Earth expert.  You must first download Google Earth and then take the quiz at the above link to learn how to get the most out of Google Earth.
Try It!: Like the kids like to do, enter your home or school address into the Find box. 
Be Thinking!: Design a NC SCOS social studies lesson using Google Earth.
Extra Credit: Check out Google's full Geo Suite!

Once you've learned how to navigate around in Google Earth, you'll LOVE taking your students on a Google Literature Trip, that combines geography, history and literature. 
Explore your grade level link.  Then, select the K-2 link and find the title Abuela.  Download the Abuela file (it will automatically import into Google Earth if you have already downloaded it) and go from place to place.

Try It!: Go on a Google Lit Trip with your class for the book, Abuela, and..... 
Be Thinking! Ask your students to do a lit trip review of the Abuela's lit trip.  
Extra Credit: What is the significance of this image....a sailboat in NY harbor?

Type the 'food' into the Image Swirl search box....and see what happens.

Try It!: What does the "food" image swirl search reveal?
Be Thinking! Show your students this new cool tool, ask them to compare & contrast how a traditional image search is alike/different than a Google Imageswirl.

Forms is Google's answer to Zoomerang...but free and super simple.  Think of it as a non-technical survey. You have small or large group of people and you need to get a response from everyone but you don't want 30 or 90 new email messages in your inbox.  Google Forms is your answer, especially for teachers, students and school committees.  Here are a few screenshots of Forms I have created this year for learning and assessment. 

Here are a few examples of Forms I have created this year for use with teachers.

Now it's time for you to make a Google Form.  If you're a visual learner, watch this video below first, it really helps to "see" someone else make one.

Or, if your learning style is more receptive, you can follow step by step written directions here to:

Try It! Now, create your own Google Form.  Think of some information you want to know from your students or fellow teachers...student interests, brainstorming summer reading lists, hospitality committee information, phone tree information, creative, and it doesn't have to be long and complicated.  Here's a Magazine Survey I made last spring to get teacher input on titles to purchase for the guided reading leveled book room....and then a screenshot of the response summary

After you create your Google Form,

(see how much you learned from this module!)


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