Poetry Comes Alive with Technology!....Lucy Would Be Proud

The first grade classes created Poetry Slideshows for their Poetry Celebration after completing the Lucy Calkins Poetry Unit.  In the unit, students learned how to see things through "poet's eyes", they compared the describing words that a scientist would use and words that a poet might use.  They learned about the song and ryhthm of line breaks in poetry.  Students each selected one poem from the many that they had written to publish in audio and image form.  The literacy coach set up a "recording studio" in the classroom of the tracked out teacher and students could come in one at a time and read their poems out loud into Audacity.  They also created an illustration to match their poem.  The slideshow was created in iMovie with student voices matched up with the illustration of their poem.   With fruit roll-ups and graham crackers as a snack, students watched as they listened to themselves read their poems.


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