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Creative Commons was designed to reduce the gray area of digital creation, ownership and sharing issues of original content on the worldwide web. In their words, "Creative Commons is a non-profit organization that develops, supports, and stewards legal and technical infrastructure that maximizes digital creativity, sharing, and innovation."

Sharing Creative Works by Roberts, Rojer & Phillips
What is Creative Commons? (short version) 

This blog is an example of web-based content, created by me, that is licensed under Creative Commons. The screenshot above shows how I feature my CC license the bottom of my blog page. With this license, anyone may use, copy, remix and adapt my work under these conditions.

are an example of how I have adapted and remixed the original work of someone else (Jessica Meacham), given proper attribution to the original content creator and licensed the work under the same Share-Alike conditions that the original creator wished. In this case, I am both a CC user and creator. 

As an educator, I'm always searching for images where the owners have licenced their images under Creative Commons.  When searching for images in Google Images, Yahoo Images and Flickr, you can select Advanced Search and select the button to only search for images with a CC license.  I share this method with my students to model and teach responsible digital literacy and show students how and where to give attribution for images used.  I, in turn, license my Flickr photos with the same CC license for re-use. 


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