Big Huge Labs for Vocabulary Instruction

Using Web 2.0 tools like the one I used to create this "motivational poster",, teachers and students can create digital photo projects to increase vocabulary.  Use the "motivational poster" to explain or describe academic words, phrases and idioms that are unfamiliar to students.  There are other creation options at BIGHUGELABS that are fun and engaging for students, like image mosaics, jigsaw puzzles, popart posters, trading cards, billboard signs and magazine covers.  All creations are saved in a .jpeg format, so printing is not necessary, but could easily be embedded into a Prezi, Glogster or Voicethread.

Feel free to right click on the posters if you'd like to save them to your computer.  In the right sidebar of my blog are a list of websites to find public domain images, like the astronaut and leaf used to make these posters.


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Cinnamon Synonyms said...

What a fantastic way to make vocabulary instruction meaningful and engaging. I absolutely LOVE this idea!

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