Google Image Tools: Guess-the-Google & Montage-a-Google

"Guess-the-Google is an addictive guessing game based on Google's image search. It turns the mental activity of searching into a fun, visual and engaging game where people can enjoy the challenge of being the fastest and most efficient at making that connection between search terms and their results."   The computer keeps score for it whole class, small group or individually. You might be wondering why I added this, besides the thinking skills required to do this, it seems like it also has vocabulary and language benefits, too. 

 Montage-a-Google is a fun image creation tool that lets you create large colorful montages using Google's image search.  Enter a search word and 20 google images will auto-fill to create the montage. It takes 3 seconds to make one and you are given two options at the end of the three seconds--download it or make another...hours of fun, here.  For the image above, I entered the word SPRING.  This image was sent to Google labs as another example of how Montage-a-Google can be used--only delta, all that printer ink.


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