Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh, How Pinteresting!

Anyone Pinterested? Thanks to my good friend, @jessicameacham, for sending me an invitation to Pinterest. Visual bookmarks....pins.  I'm hooked.  Here's my Pinterest page:
And it looks something like this:

Of course, this is just a screenshot of my boards and pins, but if you don't immediately love it, stick with's totally addicting!  You can join two by putting your name on a waiting list (I really don't know what that's all about...) or you can be invited by someone that already has a Pinterest account. Leave a comment to this post with your email address, and I'll "invite" you.  It's sooooooooo cool! You're gonna love it!  


  1. I loved looking at your Pinterest board. Amazing ideas. I sent a request (I guess that's what it is). It's a great tool for tagging those terrific ideas. Could you invite me please? Thanks so much!

  2. For those of you that have asked for an invite to Pinterest AND let me know your email address, I have sent you an invite. For those of you who included your email address in the comment, I did not publish the comment. However, several of you have not provided me with an address to send the invite either leave it in a comment or email me directly at Thanks.

  3. i'm right there with you, Jennifer. I was addicted from say one!


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